University Status

Official Swiss University Status

According to the Federal Higher Education Act 2006, the E.H.E. EurAka belongs to Switzerland's non-contributory (not publicly funded) private Universities.

The federal Swiss Higher Education Act of 2006, regulates the compulsory deviating treatment between publicly funded (contributory) and non-contributory universities, strictly excluding non-contributory universities from any ministerial regulation and supervision.

The official status of the E.H.E. EurAka as a private Swiss University was approved in 2002 by the Minister of State of the Republic and the Canton of Ticino, Department of Education, Culture and Sport, Department of University Studies, and in 2006 reaffirmed by the same. This ministerial approval as a "Hochschule on the level of University" includes Degree Awarding Powers (Bachelor and Master) and Research Degree Awarding Powers (Doctoral Degrees). After the relocation of the E.H.E. EurAka to the Canton of Basel-Landschaft, the legal department of the Security Directorate of the State Chancellery Basel-Landschaft is the supreme supervisory authority for the E.H.E. EurAka. After having been examined by its own Department for Education, Culture and Sport, the latter re-examined the official status of a private Swiss University in 2016 and in March 2018. It has been officially registered that the E.H.E. EurAka complies with both the Swiss Federal Constitution and the Swiss Civil Code. The legal effect of the Swiss Federal Constitution was also reviewed and confirmed by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) in 2015. In addition, the values ​​of the EurAka University as a private University were also confirmed in the new guidelines of the Swiss Accreditation Council under the heading "autonomy and diversity" (OAQ/AAQ statement of 30.11.2015) with reference to the general cantonal university regulations.

In addition, as both the German BDFS (Federal German Association of Experts) and a German legal expert consortium have concluded, awarded degrees of the E.H.E. EurAka are equivalent to German academic degrees. Another example is that the Greek Ministry of Education has equally approved degrees of the E.H.E. EurAka further demonstrating their international value


Official Swiss graduation permit

The E.H.E. EurAka is officially approved as private, non-contributory Swiss University by the regulating Swiss authorities of the Canton Basel-Landschaft. The E.H.E. EurAka's degrees are nationally and internationally valid due to their orientation according to the decisions 'European Higher Education Area' (Bologna 1999), as well as the personal certification according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024.